A fresh start !!

I’ve been contemplating over the idea of writing a blog for ages now and after giving a dramatic closure to the first love of my life, i decided to start afresh and be as impulsive as i can . So here I am at the crack of the dawn with abstract musings of my own , about life, its purpose and the cost at which i wish to live it . The preceding event was nothing but a surprise visit by the first and unrequited love of my life. The clocked had struck one thirty of the night , I was at my friend’s place and in the next five minutes he’s there , marching towards me . My body being jolted by a continuous flow of lightning , It was his graduation night, he was dressed in a tuxedo , handsome as ever and i was in my PJs. The setting was nothing but a clutter of chatter among the people present , and yet everything was a big blur .All I could see was him walking towards the bedside and me being an explosion of nervousness .one thing that I’ve always taken pride in is in the inability of anyone to intimidate me, but when I see him, its like I am drowning in pool of emotions , anxiety ,attraction , just waiting for my heart to explode.

“In a minute there’s a plan for a small drive, but just when you think lady fortune has smiled upon you , she turns out to be nothing but a damned whore”, burning the whole plan into ashes; he has to leave and all there is left to it is a moment to bid our Adieus . So my friend and I get out of the car , his eyes intertwined with mine with a mutual feeling of disappointment, breathing out a big sigh he words sorry and I am just dying to get back into the car , tell him that this is not how the night should end..Taking a few steps ahead I say ;
Its okay !!

For it will be okay , even as I romanticize t get the most poetic farewell to a long never ending episode of an awkward friendship with a little touch of  sexual tension . The pleasure of knowing how bewildered Cinderella must his ordinary farewell and an awkward friendship ,I am just grateful to encounter these glorious stupidities.The first handshake with your prince charming,being liked by someone so gorgeous and to encounter the heart-wrenching closure that is indeed of my own imagination. Knowing the monotony of our circumstantial interactions , this is as dramatic as it gets.

The next thing I know is that I am gushed with the relief of getting a closure, as he indirectly apologized for toying with my emotions with a mindless but much needed



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