A note to my mother on Mother’s day

Contrary to her birth in one of the holiest grounds of India, my mother is anything but pious.

Raised by a selfless mother and an imperfect father,she was equipped with every opportunity of growth, her parents could provide in their limited fortunes.As for the ones outside their reached, she grabbed them with her hard work and presence of mind.So as she studied through her higher schooling and college education,funded by scholarships,she became one of the very few earning women from her little town.Before she could grow ,her beauty and intelligence attracted several marriage proposals, my father being the lucky one. Even though she has a good job with  a handsome salary,the job is extremely challenging with extreme living conditions, less of leisure and the wrath of solitude that nature has to offer. A sincere thanks to Graham bell that I can talk to her every day but she has spent way too much time in woods to cherish the music of the larks .
Also just like any other individual she too has her own limitations, struggles, faults and disappointments; but for someone to love another person with so much devotion,selflessness  and hope to knit our lives on a happy cord , she became my role model.Not only would I be absent in this world but also not the strong Woman that I am had it not been for her love and support.Taking this moment I thank you Ma for being such a devoted mother to us(me and my brother).
The best way to celebrate this day would be to share my most beloved moment with her .

I have a very unique name ,considering the ones,Brahmin class generally confers upon their girls.
Annoyed with the mockery and mispronunciation associated to my different name I once asked her ,’ why did you give me this name and not the one that was decided at my birth ?’
Her answer overwhelmed  me so much that it now remains the most sacred of all the conversations, I’ve had with her.My mother had a marvelous teacher in her high school,one who entrapped my mother’s admiration with her wit and intelligence.She was my mother’s role model my mother adored her intelligence and wit.It was then she decided if she ever had a daughter,she would hope for her to be as enchanting.”I forgot about her as the time went by, but the day you were born,I couldn’t help but thinking about her and in that moment I knew what name did I want for you”,said my mother.

Beaming with curiosity, I inquired so do you see any resemblance in us?Laughing she answered in negative.But before I could be disappointed she gave me the most cherished words of love I have ever received.

I was proud to her student but my pride has no limits when its comes to being your mother,with these words she kissed my cheek and coiled me in a warm hug. “The heavens indeed have a playful side to them”, is what I heard her mumbling as I fell into a protected slumber.


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