The DHARAMSHALA Dairies ; Mcleodganj 

Taking a local bus from Dharmshala , we took off for McLeod which is one animated town. Bustling with tourists, travellers, smiling locals , adorable vendor women selling knitted crafts and a few monks . The place even though pretty crowded still doesn’t fail to fill you with the vibrancy it has captured.

I met similar witnesses, a Russian designer with her gypsy clothing line a Indian woman who was a meditation teacher in Delhi and came here to rejuvenate herself. They both didn’t fail to mention how vibrant the energy in this place was.

Considering our time constraints  , we decided to check list Bhagsu falls for the day. The site houses the famous Bhagsunath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.The enchanting waterfalls, about 20 metres in height is a sheer bliss to the eye.For when you are sitting on a rock next to the waterfall, overhearing the evening gossip of the birds , the rumble of the water expresses and fills your with electric joy. My theory based on the personal experience is that the numbness attributed to the cold water (even in the scorching heat of June) and the raw serenity of the place compels you to forget everything and soak in the beauty of the place thus engraving a beautiful memory to your life.

Bhagsu-Waterfall   bhagsu-waterfall-mcleodganj

Unwillingly we had to leave at the yawn of the dusk ,boisterous of a well spent day .

We had a pleasant dinner under the moonlight at Himanchal Tourism in Dharmshala and called it a day by 8;30. Excited for the awaited surprises.



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