The Hilly tales of the black sheep and the grizzly bear


It started out as an unplanned sojourn,just two inexperienced gypsies taking on to their first trip together.From almost missing the 8:15 pm Himanchal Roadways from Kashmere Gate Bus station to missing the 8 o’clock Volvo from MacLeod Ganj main market , the whole trip indeed was filled with uncertainties.

Our first morning in Dharmshala was greeted by breathtaking sunrise blossoming from the reserved hills . The birds singing their routinely Carol and all I could think was “Encore, little birdies, Encore!” I never knew the power of nature until the very first greeting with it relived me of all my anxiety I had about the upcoming uncertainties.

aka the grizzly bear and the black sheep

After a much needed rest, we left off to wander around in the city . Since it was only our first travel , ignorance got the better of us and we decided to head to mcleodganj for a better adventure .

But after visiting it again, I’d say don’t make the same mistake .

Talk to the locals , have a look at Norbulingka Institute , take a hike into the older settlements in Dharmshala.


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