A since conversation with the head, heart and knowledge .

The heart asked , are we hurt?
With a heavy sigh I replied , yes ! We are hurting indeed
Oozing her hysteria she fired an arrow of questions at me; how you trust them so blindly ? why weren’t you on your guard ? why did listen to the world and most importantly why didn’t you wear the armour of rationality given to you by the society ? How can even dare to think that you help others , ease out their pain when you have been in a need of that help as far as I can remember ?
How are you going cope up with this mental mess now ?
We have no one , none that we can take refuge in , no religion , no medicines , no coping mechanism .
Brain here wants to shut me down in the face of self defence , saying that you don’t need me , saying that you’ll be more successful if she commands your action now  .
With a tear from it eyes , heart suddenly goes into a state of hopelessness , beating lesser than ever , feeling lesser than usual and my mental faculties taking charge , with its sword of rationality and self interest taking me to new heights and if ever I felt lonely , it would alert me  saying winner stands alone !
But deceiving its own regiment , knowledge came to my refuge , exposing me some of the greatest ideas , literature , conversations on love and compassion and not in the celebrated notion of one true love but love for human beings , to realise that everyone hurts and it is this realisation of everyone’s suffering that resolves all our internal conflicts .
Heart standing affirmed saying it all too philosophical to be applied , how can you help others when you can’t even help yourself ?
How can you experience happiness if you go on to experience others suffering ? Just when I was in doubt , knowledge gently smiled at brain’s naivety and said , For when you experience personal suffering you are overwhelmed with hopelessness , you can think clear , for its impossible for you to see the way out of this tornado; however when you attempt to experience others suffering no matter how overwhelmed you get , you are still standing outside that person’s tornado and by just reaching your hand out to them you can guide them to the calm heaven of happiness .
Brain now a little weak on its resolution gave its last argument : how is that gonna make her happy ? She’s still experiencing the same suffering ,  problems ,  distrust ,  challenges and most importantly the same hurt .
But even as they argued , by now there was a sense of peace I experienced, picturing the happy faces I would see if I did what knowledge said , and as though reading my thoughts , knowledge said , Yes ! True , the tragic experiences , the betrayals and all the evil deeds that she is to encounter will still be there , BUT this time she will shield and battle with them will not self centred ruthlessness but with an armour of hope ; hope that everyone will have the same realisation about compassion as she did ; hope that she too will be released of her suffering if she became a catalyst in releasing others , and hope my friend has never failed to create wonders .
With this note the heart revived  with a new zeal and I was a happier person in the truest sense .
These words have been inspired and borrowed from Dalai Lama ‘s teachings , books on him . The above scribblings are a mere example of the impact those words created on me .
Thank you


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