The morning star

Staring up at the shying dawn
I witnessed a beautiful battle from my lawn.

The adamant blue light tearing the furious black sheath
Battle intensifying with raising heat .

Assisted by the tiny blazing soldiers , the morning light went head on
Giving me the most beautiful gift I could ever chance upon .

It wasn’t the promise of a new day , as see by y’all
But the beautiful morning star with its compassionate call.

Standing still and quietly as if enjoying a  theatrical show
A coward or a mediator, I shall never know.

He might as well be the king of the night, if it were up to me
Or a visionary with a guiding light , exclusively for the wanderers to see.

The blazing blue light slowly turning yellow, finally swallowed the nasty night’s horrors
Triumphantly relieving the oppressed of its preceded errors.

Yet for me, my morning star is the greatest hero, there will ever be
For its him  at the altar of mother nature, who’s sacrificed to give you the light that y’all see .


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