To be or not to be

To be…

Bitter taste of all that’s sweet 

Or the that sweet thing that one can ever meet.

Nothing of simply anything 

Or everything that I see sweltering .

Step that foot in no man’s land 

Or take a ditch for it might not be grand. 

A book once written like never before 

Or live a life that in every book you soar.

An unheard song that can be seen 

Or that quiet call to which we lean.

Happiness to someone s’orrowland 

Or with your own weeping walls you shall stand.

A new beginning that might transcend 

Or a petty final scene where all must end.

Scribblings of some beautiful roles 

Or pen our own crippled hineous souls.

Kill the fairy in her sleep or 

pay our dues with the silent creed

For she too smiles and she too weeps 

and deals with devil for her biggest greed.
As I cringe upon the answers I need 

I stand undone with their realities .

To be is the question or not to be 

Is what I ask in daunting charity.




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