10 reasons why taking a solo trip in your 20s will be the best decision of your life.

The very fact that my first solo trip was nothing but a 13 hour journey to a village in almora from delhi filled me with life changing insights even after I had come back concreted my belief that as an 18 year old Indian girl , it was definitely  one of the best decisions of my life.
1. Once out of your comfort zone and into the unknown , your head that generally blocks unfamiliar ideas in self-satiating ignorance gets a wake up call from the fear of wilderness and after a few mistakes you learn to adopt a responsive approach to altering circumstances rather than being reactive to them.
2. The humility of several of the fellow travellers you meet is so overwhelming that it makes you conscious of your egoistic ways making you humble and respectful of fellow human and natural beings .
3. The music, the books ,the stories , that the life of those fellow wanderers entails will make you hungry for that  infinite unknown that each one of them have a lived a little of giving you a kick start to your own infinite adventure.
4.You shall finally rid yourself of stereotypes about beauty , intellect , religion and lucky if lucky enough you fall in love with someone’s soul and know how it truly feels .
5. You will see beauty in a new light not just in people or in you but in the aura of everything that surrounds you .
6.You will be restless one minute and exhilarated the other , unsure of your actions and yet sure of your path but trust me this conflict alone will lead you closer to your purpose that each is born to fulfill in their lives .
7. The journey will fill you with bittersweet memories but with time each will help you grow refining a newer understanding.
8.Remember traveling is not solely boho-floric or gorgeous unknown strangers , it can be full of exhausting bus rides and creeps getting you to feel scared and alone but just then something good will come your way and you will appreciate the parallel emotions of goodwill , love , adventure in an equally heightened state which is precisely I believe travelling is said to be so addictive .
9.Even though you might get carried away in someone else’s journey like that of your travel crush  or of new travel buds who seem so sure of everything , post your short lived romance or being ditched by those wandering souls; remember that its okay to get lost for a while but this is your story and no one else should get to write it .
10. No matter what kind of trip you plan or for how many days or how big of a fool you might make yourself of , this little rollercoaster will take you on one of the best rides of your life .
To say that I’ve been through each experience in a single journey and relished every bit of it , I suppose you can disregard all those cynic oppositions that prevent you from boarding your little rollercoaster .
Set the feisty little wanderess in you free and fly high.



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