Don’t be misguided by your wanderlust

With wanderlust being engulfed by the mainstream fame and the boho wave hitting the Indian youth. I felt the need to share my self introspection as a 19 year old female traveller myself or simply let other young travellers know how you feel differently in those different trips is a nothing but natural and a part of how travel teach you about life.

Your reasons for travel should transcend from it being a mode of escape to a purposive inquiry into life.

Don’t go to Manali simply because its where bunny found his mojo of travel , instead travel to its older spots and see how different it really is or choose a place that’s never shown in a movie..

Guide your trip by infant curiosity, have a hunger for unknown phenomenons and but don’t waste your days stoned in a cafe in kasol and assume that this is what travel means.

Travel should be that golden chance where you learn about your inner world with the context of outer worlds; to realise how small your bubble is. Its that space where you can vulnerable to your heart and stronger in your body.

Travel to create new stories , hear the unheard ones but not to relieve the one that you know everyone has.

And even now as you find your yourself entangled in these dreamy words remember school of travel sure teaches you a lot but to be a boarder in this school is a life changing question

Before you get carried away in leaving your job or your family to take on full time travel ask your self a few questions .

  • Do you understand the gravity of the situation or the cost that you shall pay to do something yet ununderstood.

There is a chance that you might never be able to go back to your old life again or even when you come back you’d be a different person already.

  • Don’t live in the myth that money is not important, it gives you security so ensure that you have enough finances to start your travel or else wait , earn , save and then go . Don’t live in the misconception that getting a job is easy , maybe it is but is it paying you well , if not you again end up in the same web that you wanted to get out of.
  • Be patient , long term travel will wrench you inner self more than anything ever has for it comes with frustrating uncertainties but also remember when nothing is certain everything is possible.
  •  Its true that sometimes all you can do is take that big leap of faith but before that leap ask your self if I have regrets will I be able to live with them.

Regrets are inevitable but make sure you have more of those that you would relieve again.

There is no calm without chaos so don’t be afraid to touch those troubled strings of your heart . Question everything , relish that confusion , have faith and work hard to rise above it .

If you are battling with life and your alienated ways and you think travel is the answer , chances are it really is but one that will throw several other questions before you until you find your true answer .

So plan frequent travels, save money for bigger places and give it take a few short jumps before sprinting onto the longer run.



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