Mocking at my metamorphosis 

As I struggle through my tumultuous metamorphosis 

I realise I’ve got company ,several pair of inquisitive eyes stare down on me

They glisten with tears of sorrow and bewilderment 

Even disappointed at how I’ve failed them by choosing this transformation.

Sure of the futility and regret my nascent steps shall end with.

I am almost defeated in believing them

For they are devoid of any ill-doing 

Only in hope for my well being and sorrow at my suffering.

Even as they cry upon my wounded self

I’m compelled to offer betray in return

For that’s what truth demands.

It forces me to commit this inevitable sin 

Break the very hearts that nurtured mine.

For the heart knows better of all my manipulations 

And their much believed hopes which are a lie to it .

The heart credits a different purpose behind this chaotic change 

And I am but a bigger slave to my heart.

The intimate chaos it breeds is more comprehensible to me than their foreign words 

Those alien dreams that I have never dreamt.


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