Give it up!

It was very early in the morning, the streets clean and deserted, I was on my way to my destination. As I compared the life’s tower clock with my watch of action I realized it was much later than I had thought and that I had to hurry; the shock of this discovery made me feel uncertain of the way, I went very well acquainted with the present course of time as yet; fortunately there was an expertise at hand, I ran to him and breathlessly asked him the way. He smiled and said: “You asking me the way? Way to where you want to go?” “Yes,” I said, “since I can’t find it myslef.” “Give it up! Give it up!“said her , abd turned with a sudden jerk, like someone who wants to be alone with his laughter.

-my interpretation of Kafka  

It’s better to give up than ask someone else where you want to go or what you should do? 

So choose yourself what you want with your life and if you give others that power to choose the course of your life for you then you might as well just give up.

_ works of Franz Kafka 

My interpretation of his short story ; Give it up!


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