A madman 

Running from my nightmares, I reached a solitary bench by the river. Only to find a noble man occupying it already. Exhausted from my futile rebellion of the past few years , I shamelessly went to beg for a little generosity to let me sit beside him.

I was only minding my business when he suddenly asked me , “You look very frightened sir, is something the matter ?”

I presumed he was a noble gentleman for I had learnt that fine clothing was a sanction to nobility. 

To which I timidly replied , Yes! It was only yesterday I realised the truth to the lies I have been taught to live and now that I know how a man must live , I fear I’m not man enough to live thr right way.

Amused at my late realisation , I believe he enquired ,what is the right way ?

I learnt that the right way to is to embrace the fear and rise above it . To embrace the uncertainty and relish the lessons it teches you . 

But sir, since forever I have worked hard to learn to live a certain way only to find out that I was building nothing but a cage that I now have to break.

It is true that I can go on to live happily in my precious cage and compliments other on theirs but noble sir, I ask you how can I now ever be happy when I know my happiness is nothing but a lie I wasn’t aware of . For now that I know what is that threatens my existence , I can’t muster enough courage to unlearn everything I’ve ever known .

You are a madman, but you take my fancy so I ask you madman, what is that haunts you ?

Oh noble sir, why it’s everything .

It is to have faith in my own hands and carve my life like a Potter.

To enquire into the mirages of society that I have been deluded to believe in only to distract myself from my sacred truth.

To encounter the chaos Providence has so preciously chosen for me and to dance to the music it plays before me.

To love you noble sir as truly as a mother does to her infant, even when I owe no unpaid debts to you.

Apathetic to my sorrow , he announced

It is only natural to build your own cage , for how else would you live without in this deluded world , one that inhabits nothing but savage nobility.

Failing to find comfort in his rightful cynicism , I simply walked on with a heavy heart. 



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