Dharmshala Dairies Mcleodganj to Triund 

After a quick breakfast in mcleodganj which had one of the most beautiful local I have ever seen. Her simplicity could shame any vain person and yet make you fall in love with her just with a smile.The town has a dual shade of old reserved air protected by the locals and a liberal gypsy vibe brought in by the hippies and the travellers .

You can’t stop shelling money on all the beautiful handicrafts and the amazing cafes. The evening are well taken care of by neon lighted pubs playing western music mostly , and also candle lighted evening cafe to simply have a quiet dinner and green tea. 

So if you happen to be in Mcleodganj, illiterate cafe , especially in the evening is a must. The place closes by 9 so plan accordingly.

So after that quick breakfast , we left for dharmkot which marks the start line to the triund trek .

It’s a decent trek of about 5-6 hours but a lot of uphill route so you might wanna leave your luggage in McLeod.

The trek is just absolutely beautiful, you’ll probably be accompanied by several other trekkers . Some even carry music system with them, haha it just made me laugh listening to honey Singh as I try to feel adventurous in the woods.

For non athletic people like me, who are dramatic enough to think there end is near, you’ll find hope soon enough with 2-3 small tea-stalls/cafes . But the view of the valley that treads along with you is simply beautiful. There are even a few points where a big rock at the edge builds a bridge for one to dare and feel the sacred depth of the ridge .

Reaching at the hill top by 4 in the evening , we rented a tent for 700rps. There is all all sorts of arrangements from rental tents to bonfire , even a tourist house only deficient of washrooms so yeah you’gotta make the best of the bushes.

After setting up the tent we still had a few hours day lights and revived energy so we went on to the wall of the hill abiding restless crows and sitting of huge rocks. 

Lying on those rocks and singing your favorite melody as the sun congratulates you on making your acquaintance with him is one of the best memory of my life.

Ambitious as we were, we rose early to a enthusiast sun and decided to trek further to snow-line . I also want to take this moment to mention , if you take a trek to triund , head further to snow line and further, it’s worth every drop of your sweat .

There is also a tiny dhaba called snow line cafe and view from that cafe is a real life fairy tale view . A small green plateau with sheeps and there rhythmic baa-baas. Head forward if you dare to the now more rocky path to finally meet the concluding icy mountains .

Even today as I remember it , the view is so fresh and to remember how emotional the cold ice of those cold mountains gets you , as though begging for a lil warmth with your tears.

Grizzly bear being a daring bear he is , decided to take big leap and hike all to the top and he tells me it could have killed him. Lucky for us it didn’t but if you do pull a stunt like that , remember you’ve been warned.
Unhappy at our departure , the sky tried stopping us with heavy rainfall and angry hail. 

Forgiving as the nature is finally allowed us enough time to make it back to the triund hil with enough time to make it back to back McLeod .

With a warm dinner , we took our bus to Delhi filled with raw memories and a furnished experience .

A trip I wouldn’t want to relive again for it was perfecty imperfect. 



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