Funny thing called man

A cat once asked me , why are you humans so contradictory ? 

I quite didn’t understand what it meant by that so I probed to elaborate.

I wrote a poem recently to express my amusement at your human behavior. My fellow cats couldn’t stop laughing , I’. curious if it amuses you.Would you care to hear it?

Borrowing the cat’s curiosity I encouraged it to go on .

I call it , Funny thing called man

Funny thing a man is living in this bizzare circus.

Calls himself a master to other animals, yet is a slave to his fellow social animals.

Calls himself the greatest musician  

Yet cannot hear the natural music mother nature showcases before him.

Calls himself a lover of mankind 

Yet thinks twice to be kind to another man.

Begs for a fresh start in his nightly prayers

Yet curses the wind of change and call it a  tragedy.

Runs to the woods to make peace with his inner demons 

Yet haunts it too with his savage development.

Shames the life of the sacred men as foolish 

Yet boasts of their tumultuous works as enlightening upon their death.

Calls upon morality in his speech 

Yet is nothing but heinous upon his act.

Refuses to leave what kills him 

Yet thinks not twice to kill the life giving air with his industrial stench.

Travel across seas to feast with men of different lands 

Yet refuses to share a meal with his own men only for their houses are not as proper as his.

Smiles to each stranger as he crosses the street 

Yet brings tears to the very eyes that adore him.

Thinks we animals are incapable of reason 

Yet imbibes every nonsensical contraction 

That one must avoid at all costs.


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