Nature and I 

As thunders roared in its calm skies 

So did I , screaming in my vacant head.

As the avalanche covered everything in his depths 

So did I, riding with uncertainty to all unknown possibilities.

As the mist kissed the proud mountains 

So did I, bidding farewell to my dear beloved.

As the rain danced upon the joyous leaves 

So did I, celebrating the new freedom I had attained after a sinking struggle.

As the birds sang their daily Carols

So did I, humming the beats of my heart to their cordial rythym.

As the river wailed in its troubled ripples 

So did I , breaking my heart with yet another human expectation.

As the woods diverged into the yellow woods

So did I ,embracing yet another duality that human beings nurture.

As the night feel silent after a long day of adventure 

So did I, concluding the beautiful chaos that one calls life.


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