Amidst the larking orchestra 

There is one in particular that catches my fancy 

One that sounds like a water droplet as it falls

Resonating faster and faster as I hear it 

As though aware of its audience

Then there is one that sings a song

And one that plays the tambourine

Yet another one that plays the holy bells

Creating a trans of temple gongs

Somewhat simlar to Buddhist ones

An elusive chant of sacred sermons

As the night gets blacker,  dark getting darker

Light illuminating in narrow spaces 

Movements getting conspicuously faster 

Sounds getting repeatedly louder

Further ones like a distant song

Closer ones stab you with knives

Shadows get much too brighter 

Yet another lark singing to a belly dancer

Another one echoes in all four sides 

The belly dancer getting much louder 

Telephone calls again and again

Barking of the dog I repeatedly hear

But also whispers of the uncanny lovers

Yes indeed a brother and a sister 

Fear creeps in and so i steered 

Back to my room where mind is cleared 

Run I should yet sit waiting 

Waiting till I reach the near. 



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