God’s own country:Kerela chapter 1 Kozhikode 







God’s own country or a reminiscing of Asuras in this modern world.Kozhilode or Callicut is indeed vibrating with many shades.It shall overwhelm you in many way.Be it’s animated people to the mouthwatering food.The place yet holds many secrets that I have yet to discover.

Tiny little observations.

The place boasts of exotic cottages, extremely reasonable delicacies, tradition of drinking only hot water,great tuktuk service,beautiful evening sky yet crippled in its own limitations ranging from a dominant patriarchal system to waste management issues or the economical dependence on gulf countries as its income source.

Lifestyle is fairly domestic, women are more empowered in terms of education and employment than several other states, yet still is a place that warns it women to not go out after 7pm.

There is so much to write about this place and now that I have taken it to words, I’ll strive to reflect its truest shades .

Until then ..



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