A lover, a fool

​Greatful to fate that you met your stranger 

Surprised by the electricity that you both ignite 

Connected thou art and has been proven on many occasions 

Helpless to circumstances as designed by fate 

Still you Rip your heart open hopeful that he’s wiling to see 

All the wounds that afflicts it and in a hope that some might heal

As he places that kiss that feels like the very first 

You know he’s met you to quench an unknown thirst 

And as you see fear of losing you in those affectionate eyes

You forget the tragedy in which such precious moment lies 

It’s only human as you watch the thunderstorm strike 

On quaint sleeping mountains from your candlelit sight 

As the new morning Dawn the fate is back again 

To aqquaint with the truth that you struggled to belie 

Your love though great is yet very fragile

So it ended just like all great things do 

But don’t you worry there’s still hope for you 

You shall meet yet another stranger

A love stronger than before 

Tragedy it may again be 

But you’ll again be a lover ,a fool.


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