What are you?

If not the broken smile amongst their fake laughter 

Are you that happiness that everyone’s after?

If not that hopeful gaze upon that dying sunset 

Are you the deal with the devil that is easy to get?

If not the mysterious twinkle of some northern Star 

Are you that reason that two nations started a war?

If not that nascent step that’s unsure of its destination

Are you the futility caged in pompous adoration?

If not the sacrifice given at the alter of allure 

Are you that pain that struggle relishes to endure?

If not that cry of compassion in this world filled with hate 

Are you the dogma that prevents theses vices to abate?

If not the common absurdity in this world that makes no sense 

Are you that eye that looks through a different lens?

If you know not of things that mould you into thee

Keep searching through this web of accepted cruelties.


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