My beloved brazen queen

As my soul awakes from that long night, you pick my dust onto your heart
As the twilight hour glows on your face, that beautiful smile tears my demons apart.
Drawing a silent love from my dreams, you bless me with your grace
Though you love this unhonourable dust, heavens still smile upon your face.

As I look upon the love in your eyes, it fills my heart with tears
Blurry eyes and vexed emotions, you free my sorrows and my fears .
Without much thought, you offer me your wild side, that I often fail to express
How haunted my nights shall be if you ever throw me out of your wilderness.

Where are you, I implore thee, my demons are again awake
Exorcise them with your smile, I beg you for humanity’s sake.
They feast upon my peace, silencing my desperate call
They rejoice upon that devilish  hour that I started that brawl.

Wake me again from this dark night, soothe this fire that burns within me
Believe in my lies, We’ll be the greatest thing this world has ever seen.
Run back into my arms and once again draw our love from my drunken dreams
I implore thee to accept me into your wilderness, my beloved brazen queen.


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