What is a life well lived?

What does it mean to live a life well lived?

Uncertain my footsteps maybe
Unknown my destination maybe
What I do know dear world
It will be the most beautiful ‘Maybe’

The First Step

As the morning dawns I smell the new possibilities in my black coffee, its as dark as the preceding night that echoed my fears and sorrows but its rich smell calms my soul singing to the bright hue of a new beginning.

A lot has been lost and a lot is yet to be found but what shall always remain the same is that first morning breath of a new possibility.


Her and I pretty much the same. The only difference being she’s much braver than I am.

We both know that we see the world differently, that there are more colors to this world than the naked eye has been taught to see. She sings the same songs of madness as I do. Yet we stand on different sides. Our positions with and without our choice. She’s embraced her madness and stands free and alone. I am still hiding on the other side, liked and tolerated by the ignorant ones. The only commonality we share is the truth of our madness that is exchanged in a smile.


She is scared of the unknown but is curious to take the first step. Her friend from the shadows mocking her for her foolishness as the wise thing is presumed to be otherwise. To turn a blind eye to anything unknown, to learn to love the chains everyone wears.

But she knows its too late, she will be a free bird a slave to her curiosity and not the society. She knows the world is infinite. Its only a matter of time before she decides to pay the cost for it and learn to embrace the change.


He’s just as crazy as her, maybe a little braver. They are in love but not with her goofy smile or his charming smile but with the craziness that tells them that they will change the world.

They are  mere humans, the perfectly flawed beings but have sworn to their curiosities before their love for the other. It is thus they shall always be lovers but never in love. Never together,  for their insanity can easily engulf the other. But as they say its better to love and be hurt by it than to never love at all.


As she stands on the last door that ends her great adventure, she stands victorious.

For she lived a life with more mistakes than regrets. With sorrows that taught her the lessons she needed  to learn and laughter rejoicing the healing the wounds which once would hurt. She is still a madwoman reminiscing the mirth of her madness and patiently she now awaits that final moment where her heart would take its last breaths, her life flashing before her eyes for one final time as her death congratulating her enviously saying, Damn! You sure lived an epic adventure!!

To all those who ask me What do I want to be ?
Ask me How I want to live.


I will stand on the top of the highest cliff and announce;
I wish to live a life that is proud to be lived .


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