Do You Remember?

As silence slumbers in the ravenous cradle of the night

As my mortal curtains conclude the day’s show

An actor falters upon the stage

Drunk  with the wine of delusion

Delivering  a forgotten monologue.

Do you remember for I do.

The starry night and the drunken song

Those harmless kisses and the casual morn.

The warm smile that made me blush

Those wild dreams painted by your tender touch.

The tea gardens yielding the morning light

Those stolen sunsets that beckon the night.

The comic film that bore our laughter

Those kisses on the hotel’s rooftop very-after.

The first morn waking up to a dying kiss

The cursed silence that once danced with bliss.

The broken houses with not so broken dreams

Those cold nights in which now this heart screams.

The lies I would still like to believe

Those sermons of deceit that can no longer relieve

The pain of my dying faith gasping through our drifted paths

Voice that once tore my heart now has me believed

That we are better apart.



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