The Fault Is In My Vagina

These ‘Feminist Types’ may snarl at me but I have Indian culture and traditions to back me up when I say, The fault is in my vagina. I’m the fortunate one that was allowed to at least be born with it (unlike the infanticides), is not burnt (at least not as ‘Satis’) or is thrown a grand celebration before I am sent over to another man who can sleep or slap me against my will. Therefore, I should be content to crawl through this great rule of men as a shadow. I am the abomination that god had to create for creation and so unless that role is involved, there is no reason for me to be seen or heard by anyone. Dear Foolish Women! Why do you think Curtains were invented? Not to block the scorching sun rays but to hide a monster like you that is rumored to ensnare the lust of helpless men. Sorry, my apologies. ‘Helpless’ is a synonym for ‘Her.’
Talking about ‘Her’, she has a Vagina. The modern fools may say its a reproductive organ like a Penis that has blah and blah biological functions. But they are just fools. Tricked by the devious devil of science. Its actually a factory of kids that accidentally or on purpose are created by these proud penises that mighty men have. In poetic words I’d say, Its a well ( you know since it has a hole) that echoes the unknown whispering of lust that makes a man helpless and is forced to enter it, unable to hear the cries begging him to stop that echo in the same well. But the lust is obviously bigger than consent, right?
Fathom the audacity of these modern day women who shout, ‘Its our body. We have the right to do what we want with it. The size of my skirt doesn’t measure my character.’ Here I am wondering, how deluded these fools are? Its obvious that the skin revealed in a ‘saaree’ is traditional and the legs shown in a ‘skirt’ are a treason. Its against the long established patriarchy that regulates the society that you were born in. Pleasure is a taboo for a vagina and how dare you ‘Feminist Types’ complaint? We (The religion) has even gone to the extent of circumcising men. Yes the ‘Mighty Men’. So if we have ruled out the very word pleasure, you think an abomination like you should even dare to say the word?
” Science has no validation against Sanctity.”
The wise men know everything and you must believe with all your faith when they say, ‘ A vagina is a social entity, its vulva walls ( though they surely will find a more poetic term than me), the components of this female reproductive organ forces young, old, angry, excited or anything that has a penis to go climb and break these (vulva walls) for the hole that is covered by them is a black-hole that sends out an invitation. It is to be noted that the invitation is very implicit. It hides behind the smile of this beautiful monster. The clothes she purposely wears to tempt you. The calculative move to walk alone at any time of the day or night. The biggest weapon being the word, “NO.” For when she says that, it ignites the helpless male ego that wishes to have what it wants.’
I mean it makes total sense when they say, ‘If you keep a delicacy in front of a hungry man, he is bound eat it.’ Verily, both ‘Chicken Biryani’ and a ‘Chokri’ (Girl) doesn’t know the human language to argue if they want to be eaten or not. In fact, do these ‘ Feminist Types’ not see how normal it is to compare women to food. Both have one primary goal which is ” Satisfaction of the Men.”
“The ascent of your supple breast is the descent of your will. The smoothness of your skin marks the rough path you shall tread until death. The limit of our generosity ends at sympathy.” ( A Reminder To a Vagina)

To be a fair, I must voice a few opinions of the behalf these ‘ Feminist Types’, for with their rising arguments, I too stand confused. Since men know the best. May I ask, “what is a vagina?”
Is it a reproductive organ (like a penis), as said by biology ?
Is it the synonym to cussing (abusing) that’s as natural as breathing to India and the World?
Is it the pride of the family, that has to be protected from defiling ?
Is it legitimizing factor for the atrocities inflicted upon women?
Is it the mystery of the unknown that is best controlled, stitched or knifed? ( conditions may vary as per the demand of the guardians)
Is it the object of worship in the ‘Kamakhya’ temple in Assam?
Is the bearer of all the sexism, the insults, the cruelties, the hushed revolts, the shackles put from birth, the conflict between two women or the the mirror to the monstrosities mankind is capable of ?

Apologies if I asked too many questions but I’m sure somewhere in your big heart you can tolerate my audacity and not rape me. After all, who cares about what I say or write. “I too am a woman and the Fault is in my Vagina”.


A Hidden Gem In God’s Own Land, Callicut.¬†

A Hidden gem in God’s Own Land

While the top three tourist destinations rank Alleopy;Backwaters,  Munnar and Kochi,  there is more to kerela than what meet the ignorant eye. This one’s for all those crazy travellers that are always looking for something new. 

Callicut or Kozhikode has not only an interesting population mix of the only city dominated by a Muslim population,  the way this Islamic essence meets the Kerela Culture is indeed a fascinating phenomenon.

It is here,  at Kappad, that Vasco Do Gama landed in 1498.

With that being just one of the shades to this city’s charm,  here’s a list of few things which makes Kozhikode a must tick on every hungry traveller’s checklist,  both literally and metaphorically. 

1. Sunsets
You won’t be able to say goodbye to the beautiful dawn that sinks into this city with a different style each evening and the beautiful memories that you witness around you. 

2. I fish something  foodalacious here! 

 A treat to your taste buds. The cuisines in even the most local restaurants are a dream come true of every foodie,  especially the one that craves for new flavours.The best part,  is cheaper than you can ever imagine. At a local restaurant,  a kerela meal will range from 40 to 80 rupees. Even the fancy diners have an unbelievably reasonable price. 

While the sea is obvious a must,  don’t miss out on the Malabar Biryani and Banana leaf meal.

3. S.M Street 

If you can survive the Sunday rush at S. M. street and still manage to buy the tasty colorful cakes,  you can survive anything. 

4. Mananchira Square 

Located at the heart of the city,  the park is built around a man-made pond. The Musical fountain and the public library are just the highlight of this beautiful space. 

5. Kalli Valli: The Mishkal Mosque 

An interesting architectural piece reflecting the rich architectural history the city still protects.

How to reach here:

  1. By flight till Kochi and an overnight bus or train till Kozhikode. 
  2. By train as the Kozhikode train station is well connected to all the places
  3. By bus,  from anywhere in Kerela. 

Where to stay:

While you several good hotels,  for budget travellers,  you can find a few hostels links here. 

Youth Hostel-

CSI women ‘s hostel-

Men’ s hostel –

May the adventure knock at your step. 

Disclaimer : None of the pictures belong to the author and thanks Google for its reliable support.