A broken smile

The web of lines that adorn the aging fate

Sing of a story you’ll neither love nor hate

Smiles and shadows both share a void

Stories within playing in loop stand annoyed


Accolades of gold caging my gender

Compliments calling me frail and tender

A recollection of youth often knocks upon my deaf years

A broken smile and glorified tears.



A Hidden Gem In God’s Own Land, Callicut.¬†

A Hidden gem in God’s Own Land

While the top three tourist destinations rank Alleopy;Backwaters,  Munnar and Kochi,  there is more to kerela than what meet the ignorant eye. This one’s for all those crazy travellers that are always looking for something new. 

Callicut or Kozhikode has not only an interesting population mix of the only city dominated by a Muslim population,  the way this Islamic essence meets the Kerela Culture is indeed a fascinating phenomenon.

It is here,  at Kappad, that Vasco Do Gama landed in 1498.

With that being just one of the shades to this city’s charm,  here’s a list of few things which makes Kozhikode a must tick on every hungry traveller’s checklist,  both literally and metaphorically. 

1. Sunsets
You won’t be able to say goodbye to the beautiful dawn that sinks into this city with a different style each evening and the beautiful memories that you witness around you. 

2. I fish something  foodalacious here! 

 A treat to your taste buds. The cuisines in even the most local restaurants are a dream come true of every foodie,  especially the one that craves for new flavours.The best part,  is cheaper than you can ever imagine. At a local restaurant,  a kerela meal will range from 40 to 80 rupees. Even the fancy diners have an unbelievably reasonable price. 

While the sea is obvious a must,  don’t miss out on the Malabar Biryani and Banana leaf meal.

3. S.M Street 

If you can survive the Sunday rush at S. M. street and still manage to buy the tasty colorful cakes,  you can survive anything. 

4. Mananchira Square 

Located at the heart of the city,  the park is built around a man-made pond. The Musical fountain and the public library are just the highlight of this beautiful space. 

5. Kalli Valli: The Mishkal Mosque 

An interesting architectural piece reflecting the rich architectural history the city still protects.

How to reach here:

  1. By flight till Kochi and an overnight bus or train till Kozhikode. 
  2. By train as the Kozhikode train station is well connected to all the places https://g.co/kgs/8lf87c
  3. By bus,  from anywhere in Kerela. 

Where to stay:

While you several good hotels,  for budget travellers,  you can find a few hostels links here. 

Youth Hostel-https://g.co/kgs/lESX1d

CSI women ‘s hostel-https://g.co/kgs/NY1fuj

Men’ s hostel – https://g.co/kgs/CUUTk2

May the adventure knock at your step. 

Disclaimer : None of the pictures belong to the author and thanks Google for its reliable support.